29 January 2012

Turn, turn, turn

A two-Parkrun weekend this weekend, because Newbury had a trial run this afternoon a couple of weeks in advance of the real start. A single loop (one left turn, then several rights) round the notorious (to anyone of my generation with any interest in politics) Greenham Common, including crossing the main runway - most of which seems to have vanished in the period since the USAF was in residence. A cold wind on the outward section, but not too strong, and it was quite balmy when the wind was behind me - must have been blowing at running pace (which, incidentally, was deliberately slow but evidently rather faster than yesterday) - so I had to remove green hat and gloves. I forgot to wear my Garmin when setting off, but never intended to burn up the course out of deference to both Achilles and Hugo. The former seemed reasonably happy with a heel-banging, modest-paced effort in clunky cushioned shoes; the latter set off too fast, causing another runner whom he passed with me trailing several yards behind to remark "the dog's got a big lead!" - and faded badly after the first mile or so, finishing one extending lead's length behind me - except that I stopped before the line to allow him to finish in front of me.

Photos by Chris Duffer Birch
The official time was 25:25, so that's a PB for Hugo. An improvement of 1:23 from yesterday morning! Maybe the extra clothes I wore had something to do with it? I hadn't really expected to get up to operating temperature.

I'm beginning to think that I need to get myself a new pair of conventional cushioned shoes and at least use them for most of my running until Achilles can cope with minimalism - if that ever comes about. And next time I run the Newbury Parkrun (in three weeks, if all goes to plan) remind me to dig out my old "Lemmings Choose Cruise!" badge to wear. See whether anyone understands the reference.

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