12 January 2012

Thick as a brick

The reference is to the meandering dog-walker with earphones in place to insulate him from his environment who got stroppy when I cycled past him this morning - despite having my shouted out to him as I approached. I should have blown my horn. Or gone to the station earlier - I was much later than planned, and missed event the 0929 by a few seconds.

Another 10 miles on the bike, another day resting Achilles which remains necessary. I hope it's getting there ...

Sat on the train next to a civilised-looking Scandinavian man somewhat older than me. How did I know he was Scandinavian? Well, he had those sharply-chiselled features that seem fairly typical of Scandinavians - but the giveaway was that his phone rang and he committed the heinous crime of engaging the caller in a conversation. Once upon a time (after Gunver's 25th birthday party) I could tell Danish, Swedish and Norwegian apart, because I'd spent a long weekend in the company exclusively of speakers of those languages - but given that Gunver is only a couple of weeks older than me I realise what a long time ago that was, and I have not maintained that particular (and, frankly, not very useful) skill.

I forbore to remonstrate with him, because I had already read the Companies and Markets section of his FT and he'd promised  me the main part when he had finished with it. In the event, and nothing to do with his breach of the quiet carriage rules, I didn't take him up on it.

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