15 January 2012

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

All this resting from running seems to be paying off: yesterday I volunteered at the Abingdon Parkrun, and managed to hand out 74 finishing tags in pretty well the right order, and today we went to the première of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, the wonderful Paul Torday book, which was held in Oxford in aid of a refugee charity, and now Achilles is pain-free. It seems unlikely that such a film should have received its première in front of an audience of about 100 people, with no red carpet, no celebrity circus, but it's true - although confusingly there was another première later today with higher ticket prices. I think I have missed something here.

Anyway, it is a super film, quite true to the book though with several changes, some of them seemingly arbitrary but all explained by Simon Beaufoy, who wrote the screenplay, in a question-and-answer session afterwards. I won't spoil it for you - if you liked the book you'll like the film too, and if you haven't read the book, get on and do so, you'll like it, then you can enjoy the film too. We were told not to take recording equipment into the auditorium, and the production company sent the film down to Oxford in the hands of an employee, which is not really a surprising precaution. There are trailers on YouTube but, anxious about their legality, I thought I'd embed what seems to be a passer-by's video of the shooting of one of the London scenes.

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