25 January 2012

Let it grow

Too long I have been reading other people's running blogs and ruing doing too much, too soon, too quickly, and too barefoot - resulting in  Achilles's present niggles. In fact I haven't run since that Parkrun where I pulled up at mile 2, the day we were adopted by Hugo the rescue springer spaniel. Today it was time to stop reading about running and actually do a little, and to initiate Hugo in the joys of the south Oxfordshire countryside. I think he's going to be a perfect running companion: he stayed close, ran several times as far as I did, obeyed when I called him, and gave me a welcome tow when I attached his lead. A short run, because I didn't know how he'd behave, but every mile counts, doesn't it?

I'm looking forward to feeling OK to try the Parkrun again - with him.

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Adam Ricklefs said...

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