24 December 2011

Run Rudolph Run

My concession to today's Parkrun being a fancy dress one was to dress as a raramuri, from the ankles down. Not very clever. Next year - if there is a next year - I will take up someone's suggestion and adopt the rest of the outfit.

I guess the conditions in the Copper Canyon are different to those in England at Christmas - mild though it is. Where the path was worn, it was rather slippery: trail shoes might have been a better choice than huaraches - but I have to take the opportunity to fly the minimalist flag, don't I? And it was my hands, not my feet, that were cold: after all, my feet were working (and they work more with huaraches on than in cushioned shoes, I'm sure).

Anyway, even throttling back on the slippery sections (about half the course) I beat my time from the last outing (last week's run having been cancelled because of freezing conditions - not because the participants were not up for it, I'm sure, but because we'd have had people in the river at the lock where the path was too slippery). Only by about 10 seconds but I'll take that - 40 seconds to go for a course PB. I finished with quite a satisfying turn of speed - not a sprint by any standards, and it didn't leave me feeling like death, so there was definitely more in the tank, but all in all a good run. Nice to see Martin, in heavy disguise, though it would have been nicer still to finish closer to him - although I was first man in my age group.

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