09 October 2011

The Park

Fourth Park Run, and my best time yet - 23:45 officially, a whole 54 seconds off the previous best. Four more weeks and I will be under 20 minutes. No, I know life's not like that.

Arriving - unlike last time - early for the start, I had a classic conversation with an old running friend I hadn't seen for a while. While I waited for a break in the conversation he was having with another clubmate, I heard all about a litany of injuries which sounded remarkably like mine, so when finally I was able to speak to him I only needed to say "I was going to say long time, no see, how are you doing? - but I don't need to now."

I got to the front of the start - forty-odd participants (not competitors - this is not a race!) to avoid being stuck behind youngsters along the narrow riverside path - and slowed a little after the first couple of hundred yards. Gary, Andrew and some others came past, but I wasn't bothered, except that I have become accustomed to Andrew suffering from injuries that allowed me to outpace him. Clearly he's better now. And that was it. One photo shows me just being passed by Gary along by the lock, another in good shape along the road section, and another looking anxious about the finish. The compression tights do a great job, although I am concerned with the rate at which the stitching is coming out of the waistband. Maybe it's a problem with my waist - I have resolved not to eat flapjack unless I have run at least 5K already that day, which might help. After all, it's runner's food - that's the whole point.

My huaraches, as always, attracted some comments, and John was fascinated enough to add a photo of one of them to the photostream. Thanks for omitting my other foot with the big black toe nail ...

An excuse to revisit one of my favourite albums, and favourite songs from it, from my teens. It's really rather a good piece of music, especially coming back to it after 40 years.

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