23 September 2011


Lazy Girl Running asks what the collective noun for three PBs in six weeks should be, and answers her own question: an awesome. She's trying to do one, and good luck to her. I'd thought about suggesting calling it a PB cubed, which is hard to put in a blog owing to the lack of superscript, and while I was thinking about that my mind went back to the days when I did PBs: and a look through this blog confirmed that I had done three, in about a month, aided by achieving two in one race (5K and 10K). Crazy. Perhaps also aided by some erratic record keeping. And anyway my triptych was an easy one: 5K, 10K and half, whereas she's a stage ahead of that having started with a Marathon PB. So mine's a minor awesome, perhaps, and hers will definitely be a major one.

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