06 July 2011

The Rain

I aborted my run from Paddington to the office this morning, and jumped on the tube A couple of hundred yards was all it took to show me that, although I would probably get there, it was not shaping up to be a great experience. Who knows, it might have been fine after a couple of miles, but it would be tough to get there.

The return journey was another matter, and although I took it easy it was feeling very satisfying. Round the south of the Serpentine to add a little to the mileage, a few spots of rain developed into quite a downpour. Suddenly I found myself running on an almost deserted path, as everyone else sheltered under trees or under the bridge. If they were waiting for the rain to pass, that might not be until next summer.

The rain, of course, played havoc with the watch, which started pinging and changing function. I couldn't make it pause when I stopped at road crossings, nor did it reveal any useful information - until it came to the end of a lap, when the display popped up - and showed me that what I'd confidently expected to be 10K was well short. Still, it was far enough in the circumstances. Green shoes today: huaraches are not ideal for cycling, and I did nearly ten miles of that too, and I think they might be tricky if I'm tired.

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