01 July 2011


First commute in Luna sandals, and what a great feeling. Even cycled to the station in them (and back this evening). My feet feel so free. Stopped to cross The Mall and an Antipodean couple on Boris Bikes pulled up and she asked me a load of questions about my footwear, which I answered at probably greater length than she had wanted. She even volunteered that I'd seemed to be going very well in them.

A hot day, so I had the cooling headband on: and to minimise the risk of damage to calves or Achilles I also had my compression tights on. And shades. Plus backpack with full bladder - since that drinking fountain is out of action. I had to apologise for my appearance. She said I looked very serious.

Nearly six miles running and ten miles cycling today: that does sound serious. A good day's work too, and a job interview that was nothing more than a formality, so I should be starting a new part-time job soon to go with all my other part-time jobs. Portfolio working. 10K race tomorrow - in the Luna sandals, I hope. That'll be the acid test.

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