24 July 2011

July Morning (again)

My target for the near future is to run to the White Horse at Uffington and back one Sunday morning, a distance, I reckon, of 10 miles each way. Not yet, though: I need to build the mileage a bit more gradually - and taking most of this week off has set back that programme badly.

So today - an absolutely perfect summer morning, with blue sky, warm sun and a cooling breeze - I determined to get part of the way there. I thought I would head west and turn round when it felt like I had gone far enough, bearing in mind that every mile I ran added two to the total distance. I've gone seven miles wearing my huaraches, and I didn't want to add a lot more to that in one go. Plus, given the irregularity of my running just now, I didn't want to overdo it.

I have run to the Wantage Memorial before, and three miles out that seemed like a good place to turn around. By the time I reached it, at 4.5 miles, I had decided I should add another half mile, but concluded that a ten-miler before breakfast (I had left a pan of porridge on a very low heat) was perhaps a little too much - I was feeling hungry.

Opposite the Monument an inviting footpath led off towards Lockinge (which the Garmin map places on the wrong side of the Ridgeway). I resisted it.

I'm not up for tempo runs or anything exciting like that. My concern at present is to explore my limits, see what distance I can comfortably manage, perhaps build endurance into the bargain - and get my feet accustomed to the huaraches. The feeling of freedom is wonderful - but now my feet are sore. Not blistered, though, and I am sure they are getting tougher.

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