28 July 2011

Dancing Barefoot (again)

Here I go and I don't know why ... I have spent three days this week thinking about running, reading other people's running blogs, and failing to get out and run my self. This had to change. This morning began with a thick fog, but the sun burnt  it off by about 9 o'clock and it turned into a perfect running day. I couldn't find any excuses.

Two things stick in my mind about it. First, the pain when I landed on a stone, especially as the ball of my left foot struck it. That had my screaming out loud. There's something wrong there, and I wonder what it might be - perhaps just a bruise that keeps being aggravated. Solution: try running in shoes with some cushioning - 6mm of Vibram clearly isn't enough, and indeed Barefoot Ted says that these sandals are fine for paved surfaces and moderate trails. Some of these trails are distinctly stoney. Alternative solution: a pair of Leadvilles perhaps. That'll probably be the closest I get to the great event.

The other thing: after 6 miles, doing a spot of fartlek between the telegraph poles, and sprinting over the footbridge, an unprecedented feeling of lightness and springiness, leaving no sign that I had been there ... The sense that I could run like that for hours, even that I could fly. Dancing across the footbridge ... and I managed quite a good pace for short distances too.

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