27 June 2011

Why Are We Sleeping?

The important thing isn't the pace, but that I have done the same loop two days in a row. And today for the first time I ran a real distance in my luna sandals. Not easy, especially along some particularly stony tracks, but my legs stood up to it. This is the second day of the forecast heatwave, and it was hot - and humid - when I set out. I must have looked every inch the professional runner with compression tights, minimalist footwear, vest, shades, and clever cooling headband. Or a complete idiot. Take your pick: I prefer the former. I've got a new profile photo, at least.

About mile five I passed a couple running in the opposite direction. His music was so loud I could hear it as he passed, without acknowledging me as far as I could tell. She was also plugged in, but at least had the courtesy to say hello. To me the song of the larks was all the music I could ask for.

I had to get in a good run today because this afternoon I gave blood, so I won't be doing anything strenuous for 24 hours or so. In fact after donating a pint I came home and fell asleep. Happy to give it, though, and this time while it drains out I can remember a friend who probably made a lot of withdrawals from the blood bank over the last year, and in the end didn't make it.

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