20 June 2011

Long hot summer

The weather was looking quite benign at noon today, and as I had an errand to run I decided to do so literally. Just a trip to the bank to remove some cash, a mile and three-quarters each way, but better to run than to get my bike out - a fortiori the car.

It's not a bad trip to the bank either, taking in some nice trails on the Harwell site.

I kept up a decent pace and didn't heel-strike: hard on my calves but they will get used to it - won't they? Yesterday my attempt to run was aborted when my knee complained - complained, I think, that I was running in three-year-old shoes, which will have to go. I got out my racing shoes today, and suffered no ill-effects.

My marathon training for October will have to start soon, according to the chart that I have had stuck to the wall in front of me since this time last year. It will be a  long hot summer. Well, long. I can only hope for hot too.

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