22 May 2011

The Wind

"You're mad!" exclaimed one of a group of a dozen or so hikers this morning as I passed her on the Ridgeway. "In this wind, perhaps so" I conceded. It was blowing from nearly exactly the direction I was trying to run in, and as the splits show miles 4 and 5 were pretty slow. So were all the others, with the exception of the sixth: once I turned off the Ridgeway, so I had the wind almost at my back and the path heading downhill, the pace improved. A bit.

Who cares? I was running again. I had little discomfort from my left foot, no asthma, no problems with Achilles. I was heel-striking, but maybe a little less than my habit has been so perhaps my technique is improving. The sun was shining, the summer stretches ahead with the prospect of extending my runs in the coming weeks - perhaps for the Ridgeway Challenge, certainly with the Keilder marathon in mind. After the moment of inspiration that I mentioned yesterday I was in the perfect state of mind to embark on a training programme. A small step, but every journey begins with one.

I covered my seven miles this morning at about Marathon pace, which shows that I have a lot of improving to do. Neither intense nor long, I guess: not a genuine Italian espresso, but not an insipid grande latte either. More like a Caffe Nero cappuccino - tasty, satisfying and a major boost to the system. I have been walking taller, moving more fluently, feeling better all round, ever since. I think this coffee-related approach to rating experiences has a lot to be said for it!

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