24 May 2011

London Calling

To run twice in two days, that's a really big step forward. My commute to the office yesterday wasn't fast (the data are all mixed up because I forgot to restart my watch after stopping to read an incoming email) but it was immensely satisfying. And I could be achieving my target mileage this week - though that might be further than I should run at this stage.

A lovely day for a run, though there was rather more wind than I would have liked. Along the Embankment I fell in with a guy visiting from Baltimore and enjoyed a short networking exercise as we ran - not enough to discover his line of work though. I imagine he would be a lawyer - aren't most Americans lawyers by now?

I spent the evening at a networking event, organised by that well-known Rhubarb Thrasher Mike Southon. Held in a vaulted cellar that was too small for the number of people in it, as a networking event it lacked one essential ingredient - the ability to converse, not just comfortably but at all. Having met a few new people and collected some business cards, I decided to leave, but encountered another refugee who'd opted for the peace and quiet of the bar - as it happened, one of the attendees that I had most hoped to meet.

A great run and a great evening's networking: all in all, a very satisfying day.

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