20 March 2011

Between blue and me

My whole week centred around the book launch party on Thursday. Drinks, glasses and ice were delivered first, so we were putting ice in tubs and bottles in ice. I hadn't shaved in the morning, thinking I'd leave it until closer to the start of the party, so about half past four I went to shower and shave - the bathroom is off the meeting room we were using for the party. To avoid overheating when the room filled with bodies we'd turned off the heating, and it was only when I got in the shower that I found it wasn't only the heating that was off. Fortunately there was hot water for a shave in the other toilet, but my shower was curtailed ...

Then Arthur turned up with the canapés, which had to be unloaded from his car on a yellow line outside the office and carried up to the first floor - an interesting relay job. The first guest appeared half an hour early, to add to the confusion, but then all went very well. Had all 100 or so acceptances turned up we might have had problems, but about half stayed away and we had ample food and drink and a most enjoyable evening was had by all. My publishers even sold about 7 books!

En route back to Oxford afterwards, the coach broke down and we crawled home very late. I was due at my publicist's birthday party last night but realised when I got myself to the office that I wasn't really in any shape for a third party in three days - especially one that began at 8 o'clock and could have continued until goodness knows when. Shame, as I was looking forward to it. To make matters worse, I reached the office - at about 2 o'clock - to find my BlackBerry missing. I'd taken an incoming call at 1.23, just before I bought lunch at The People's Supermarket, so it was probably on a 55 bus to Leyton.

On Saturday, having received and set up a replacement BlackBerry, I was good for nothing but watching three rugby matches on the TV, dozing through some of them and through a perfect running afternoon. But Sunday was also good for running, and I managed the seven-mile loop before lunch, meeting Louis at about 2.5 miles - coming the other way - and fixing to meet him next weekend for a run. Took over three minutes off the previous time too, though it is still taking over an hour. On the other hand, it's a slightly longer route than the one I ran for years which took under the hour. Not a bad pace, and not much stiffness in the PF this evening. I hope that bodes well for good runs in London this week, when I commute every day.

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