01 January 2011


12 miles this morning, to complete my target of 40 for the last seven days. I'll count this as the first day of the new week too, so as to get the New Year off to a great start. I headed off east, past Alden Farm, out to Salt Box, the long gentle climb on knee-jarring concrete to where the railway once ran.

Then more concrete, heading for the junction with the Ridgeway, at which point my Blackberry decided it didn't have enough power to do anything more, so I carried its useless weight (OK, not a lot) for the next nine miles or so. On reaching the Ridgeway I carried on further to the east, leaving the Ridgeway to my right, pursuing my search for the Traffic cottage - though I realised there wasn't quite as much point in finding it if I couldn't take a photo - then taking a link south to connect with the Ridgeway again. The sign there read "Bury Down 4 miles", and I guessed I had the best part of another three miles from Bury Down before I reached home, which seemed like a reasonable distance in total.

I stopped to capture not the scenery - which leaves just a little to be desired at these points, unless you like straight concrete roads - but the overcast sky, which I thought Alex, with whom I ran this route, oh, about a million times, would appreciate seeing if the sun isn't shining too brightly on his computer screen over in California ...

Later the damp weather turned to drizzle, which only made me feel better about this crazy New Year's Day run - crazy considering the lack of miles in my running log over the past few weeks. A few dog-walkers out, who didn't seem too startled when I wished them a happy New Year - often people look at you as if you're a dangerous psychopath when you do that sort of thing (are there any psychopaths who aren't dangerous, I wonder?). One group of three walkers jumped out of their skins when I greeted them as they hadn't heard me approaching from behind (puff, slap, slap, puff, slap, slap), and later on I fell in with a Geordie cyclist who seemed to be making heavy weather of a climb, so with a bit of acceleration I could stay level with him (and still talk!) for a short distance. At least he caught and eventually passed me, unlike two cyclists I caught a little later who questioned the sense of riding bikes along the Ridgeway if running were faster. I do like to overtake cyclists ... carrying around all that useless metal.

So, the choice of title and song is heavy with irony (just in case you didn't notice) and I'm still holding Paper Sun in reserve for when I find the cottage, if the weather justifies it - and I'll have to hope I don't end up being forced to choose Hole In My She, or perhaps Mr Fantasy if I never find it. It's something to keep me going!

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