11 January 2011

I didn't feel lonely til I thought of you

Club run this evening, and I was certainly ready for some fresh air and exercise after two days at my desk. I forgot my watch, though, so what follows is a figment of my imagination - no way of proving it ever happened. And I have no idea of how long it took - somewhere in the low 50s - although I know it was 6.35 miles, so it meets the Murakami criteria.

I started off conservatively, trying to be sociable, but soon found myself passing others and ended up with no-one in sight in front or behind. After the long route left the medium route there was an occasional glimpse of someone ahead, proving that I was heading the right way, but that was all until I reached the end. And to my surprise I was perfectly content with my own company - knowing that others would vicariously enjoy these miles as I would vicariously enjoy theirs, running buddies in absentia. No need for someone physically to run with, no need for encouraging words, no need even for encouraging tweets: for 50 or so minutes I was in my own world, listening to my breathing, concentrating on my running action, accompanied by a bunch of running mates from whom I draw strength and inspiration even when they aren't there. Brilliant!

But how much better if they were with me ...

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