15 January 2011

Dancing on Air

It's been a bad week for running, with a trip to Cambridge to present a training course getting in the way of my own training, so this afternoon I got in only my second run of the week - a simple Murakami 10K along the usual route, it being too dark to go anywhere else - and returned elated. The same extraordinary sensation of running with all my running buddies going back years, on which I remarked on Tuesday, was there again - a transcendent experience. It was fast, it might have been stylish (I can't see), and it was hard work but effortless. I still have a lot of training to do before I start achieving goals this year - and even this 10K only reached my five-year-ago Marathon target pace, which I did manage to sustain for about 24 miles - but it's a long, long time since I felt so good about my running.

Great to have an excuse to include this extraordinary appearance by the greatest band in the world (arguably) on the Old Grey Whistle Test - where did Andy and Keith get their suits? I think I could do with one ...

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