25 November 2010

Now be Thankful

An obvious choice for today: best wishes to all my American friends. I'm thankful that I've had several occasions to hear and see Fairport (and, back in the mid-seventies, Swarbrick, Pegg & Nichol, who  might appear as a fictional law firm in some piece of writing in the future) perform it. Oddly enough, I've never reflected on the lyrics before, and having started to do so I'm not going any further. They could be a bit of a downer - although attributed to Swarb and RT, I sense the lyrics were mostly Thompson's work. The melancholy gives it away ...

My 40 mile per week target remains just that - no running this week so far, the pathetic excuse being toothache. It wouldn't help it to be out in this weather, drawing large volumes of cold air through my mouth - would it? But it's better now - the weather and the tooth. A strange dream last night, in which I was taking part in the Broloppet (a long-standing ambition, as I want to get another of the five longest bridges in the world under my belt to add to the two I've already run, though an ambition that's hard to realise when it takes place at ten-year intervals) but with ten minutes before the start I was eating omelette and a large helping of roast potatoes without having even entered the event. Strangely, given that in real life it is fully subscribed months in advance, I was able to get an entry on the day, when finally I found the registration desk. At least I find that I was wrong about another troubling element: I thought I was on the wrong side of the bridge, but it does indeed start in Denmark. My dream ended with me finding the money for entry fee, and I have no idea what happened in the race. Nothing unusual there.

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