12 November 2010

If Tomorrow Wasn't Such a Long Time

My personal trainer - the canine one - made sure I got the miles in this morning. We set off to go to the field to feed the ponies, then rashly decided to take the long route home - up to the Ridgeway, completing the regular 6.7 or so, one hour, run. Today it was 8.46 miles and 1:53. Coach Boston made sure I got the miles in by cleverly doubling back the way we had come along the Ridgeway, so I had a half-mile diversion - then had to cover it again. Eventually we agreed that I could put him on his lead, and although the pace didn't suit either of us at least he didn't stop at every interesting smell.

I think he's trying to get me accustomed to running at an appropriate speed for ultras.

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