12 October 2010

Whole Wide World

The perfect running day in London, and recklessly (which is what prompted my to borrow this title, and embed the video) I continued my comeback from injury by running both ways. I read somewhere about the benefits of runnig twice a day - and realsied that I did precisely that back in the mid-2000s, sometimes three times a day, and I was fitter then than ever before, or since. I took it easy, and made it to the office in the morning and back to Paddington in the evening without the slightest problem (save for the need to stop for a breather a couple of times).

One good excuse for a breather is to take a photo - and Horseguards looked stunning in the sunlight, backed by a clear blue sky. I'd left the train feeling like doing anything but running six miles, but a little way into the run I was pleased I'd made the choice. I thought the time was slow but it looks respectable: the distance, though, is 5.35 and I thought it was just short of 6. Far enough, though, for returning from injury, and certainly far enough twice in a day.

After the Embankment stretch, which I didn't think to photograph - I should collect some shots, and assemble photographic records of my regular runs - St Pauls looked pretty good too, although the sun was too far round by then to be at its absolute best.

I had another webinar to present yesterday, and after completing that I headed back to Paddington by much the same route, though I always set off from the office and turn right at the end of the street, which I only realised  yesterday. I found a slightly better route to St Pauls, paced myself even more gently, forgot to restart the Watch a couple of times, and at Hyde Park Corner fell in with a runner who'd passed me at Blackfriars. "I've been seeing you of and on for four miles" I said. He admitted to having slipstreamed me for a while - and apologised for it. I told him he was very welcome, flattered by the idea that I might offer a worthwhile tow.

Back at paddington, the bike ride from Didcot didn't have much appeal - being quite dark by then - but I don't think asking for a lift from the station counted as cheating.

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