30 September 2010

Those were the days

It's been a long wait - but finally Runner's World has hit the newsstands with a horrifying four pages of me, including one full-page photo. I have eclipsed Rachael and Mark, to whom I couldn't get close in competition. Six months after the event, it all seems rather distant.

If you buy Runner's World once in your life, make it November 2010 (yes, in the world of magazine publishing it's already November). You're unlikely to have such a laugh again!

I should add that I am rather proud of the prose (which my editor has modified just a little, mostly to tighten and improve it, but also to substitute "borstal" for my carefully chosen "institution". Maybe I need to learn not to try too much subtlety - after all, this was not literature, it was just an article in Runner's World - or do the two overlap?

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