16 August 2010

Long dark river

As it's Crun's birthday today, it seems appropriate to use one his compositions - borrow the title, use it as an excuse to embed the video. It's a terrific song, and very poignant. I've been out this evening avoiding the long dark river - at lest, that's what I had in mind, but I felt at times as if I was running along it - or in it, perhaps. A very messy run, several pauses, some on my midfoot but mostly heel-striking. I tried again to locate the route to the Traffic cottage, and got closer but still not close enough.
Someone whose words I was reading today or yesterday mentioned the differnce between training and just running for the joy of it. I tried to run for the joy of it this evening, but joy was rather lacking. It was hard work, and although the weather was pleasant enough there didn't seem to be any of the elements that make a run in the countryside so pleasant.
That said, I am glad to ahve got out and done something. 9 miles plus is a respectable evening excursion, even if it took me over 9:30 on average for each of them.

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