17 August 2010

Got my Mojo Workin'

If yesterday was not running for the sheer enjoyment of it, tonight came close. 5.64 miles, faster than yesterday and towards the end I managed a cracking pace. I managed to stay on the midfoot most of the way, and while I might be stiff in the morning it doesn't feel bad just now. Uplifting.

I have a commission from Runners' World to write up the Medmenham 10 next month, and it has put the idea in my mind that the best way to motivate myself is not just to enter races, it's to enter races and commit myself to writing them up. I'll ask if RW want something about the Compton 40 next year - then the Ridgeway Challenge.
Details at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/44970211.

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