08 August 2010

Back on the road again

A great feeling, after a whole week resting to let my calf muscle get completely sorted out, to spend most of the afternoon running. Because there'd be alift back waiting for me, I chose to run from home to my mother-in-law's house: some people whom I met on the way, when I'd stopped to check where I was going on the map, were surprised to find anyone running to his mother-in-law rather than the other way.

Not a great route - here it is - but good enough. About 10 miles, but I added a little by missing a turning and having to double back. And not a heel strike in almost all that distance. After crossing the river at Day's Lock (less than a mile to go) I took off my shoes and socks to run across the meadow - a lovely feeling - but then reached a path which offered few areas that weren't stoney. I tried to carry on but eventually had to resort to shoes again - which would have been necessary anyway to negotiate mother-in-law's gravel drive.

I feel like a runner again.

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