26 August 2010

Summer's almost gone

All my life this day of the year has marked a turning point, with another year notched up and school or university about to (re)start. It also means clients returning from their holidays, training courses starting up again, and a Marathon getting distressingly close ...

17 August 2010

Got my Mojo Workin'

If yesterday was not running for the sheer enjoyment of it, tonight came close. 5.64 miles, faster than yesterday and towards the end I managed a cracking pace. I managed to stay on the midfoot most of the way, and while I might be stiff in the morning it doesn't feel bad just now. Uplifting.

I have a commission from Runners' World to write up the Medmenham 10 next month, and it has put the idea in my mind that the best way to motivate myself is not just to enter races, it's to enter races and commit myself to writing them up. I'll ask if RW want something about the Compton 40 next year - then the Ridgeway Challenge.
Details at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/44970211.

16 August 2010

Long dark river

As it's Crun's birthday today, it seems appropriate to use one his compositions - borrow the title, use it as an excuse to embed the video. It's a terrific song, and very poignant. I've been out this evening avoiding the long dark river - at lest, that's what I had in mind, but I felt at times as if I was running along it - or in it, perhaps. A very messy run, several pauses, some on my midfoot but mostly heel-striking. I tried again to locate the route to the Traffic cottage, and got closer but still not close enough.
Someone whose words I was reading today or yesterday mentioned the differnce between training and just running for the joy of it. I tried to run for the joy of it this evening, but joy was rather lacking. It was hard work, and although the weather was pleasant enough there didn't seem to be any of the elements that make a run in the countryside so pleasant.
That said, I am glad to ahve got out and done something. 9 miles plus is a respectable evening excursion, even if it took me over 9:30 on average for each of them.

10 August 2010

Every day I write the book

This is a uniquely satisfying thing to see when checking one's email in the morning: my book has put in an appearance on the publishers' website, here - and the best part of it is a very nice endorsement from Jonathan Turner. I still have to contain myself until February, though, according to the page - and indeed am waiting for page proofs, which are promised for September.

08 August 2010

Back on the road again

A great feeling, after a whole week resting to let my calf muscle get completely sorted out, to spend most of the afternoon running. Because there'd be alift back waiting for me, I chose to run from home to my mother-in-law's house: some people whom I met on the way, when I'd stopped to check where I was going on the map, were surprised to find anyone running to his mother-in-law rather than the other way.

Not a great route - here it is - but good enough. About 10 miles, but I added a little by missing a turning and having to double back. And not a heel strike in almost all that distance. After crossing the river at Day's Lock (less than a mile to go) I took off my shoes and socks to run across the meadow - a lovely feeling - but then reached a path which offered few areas that weren't stoney. I tried to carry on but eventually had to resort to shoes again - which would have been necessary anyway to negotiate mother-in-law's gravel drive.

I feel like a runner again.