06 July 2010

I'm alive

The sessions making up my training schedule so far have been pretty gentle. True, running 10 miles on Sunday knocked me out a bit but that was because I wasn't accustomed to it. Today - this evening, as it transpired - the schedule dictated a jog of a mile, then three repeats of 1.5 miles with 800 metre recovery jogs in between, then jog a mile back. I do wish they wouldn't mix their units - why couldn't the recovery jogs be half a mile? - which I was taught at school was the most heinous offence.

So it was back to the site of yesterday's 4 miles easy, but with a different timetable. it's a half mile jog to the start, and (as noted yesterday) the road surface is exactly three-quarters of a mile, so up-and-down added up to the required distance for a rep. For the recovery jog I headed off at right angles by the village school, and The Watch told me that if I turned round at the postbox on the corner I'd do the prescribed distance. The pace was supposed to be 11 minutes for the repeats, with 5 minutes jogging to recover. I forgot to time the session in laps until I was part-way through, but the second and third repeats were just a bit over the prescribed time and in my present state of fitness (and fatness - still a few pounds over 11 stone, so probably a stone to lose before I reach the ideal weight) I'm pretty happy with that.

Similar sessions are going to feature every Tuesday - I might have to rearrange that, to enable me to run with the club on Tuesdays. It won't get any easier though, but then again I won't feel any less satisfaction when I have finished. My legs feel great now, and I think I made some improvements in my style - working the arms in particular, though not getting onto the forefoot - still anxious about injury.

Here's the session: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/39461379.

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