17 June 2010

Fourth Time Around

I finished reading The Shadow of the Wind yesterday, and it left me a mess. Placed by critics in a bewildering range of categories, I came to see it by the end as a Bildungsroman, which is not the sort of book I want to be reading at my age. So I returned to Murakami, and I'll be listening to Dean in between times.

It is the fourth time I have read What I Talk About When I Talk About Running and it never fails to get to me. In chapter 1 he is coming back to running after a period of running blues. Any blues in my life have not come from running - perhaps from a lack of running - but I can instantly relate to returning to the activity I love. Instead of closing the book at the end of chapter 1 and going to sleep, I felt like getting out of bed and going for a run - very Karno. But, being too old for that sort of eccentricity, I did in fact go to sleep.

I've been thinking of running as a way to forget, which works for a story I am trying to tell: I like to run to clear my mind of extraneous thoughts, and I know that once - only once - I emptied my mind altogether, though only for a few seconds. Murakami writes about creating a void, and he relishes the solitude of running - which I realise is one of the aspects of it that appeals to me too. Well, there will be a lot of solitude, and a lot of running, over the next sixteen weeks as I prepare for the next Marathon.

Boring Sony! It's doing them no harm, surely. Doesn't this article in last weekend's FT say it all?

Download from Amazon: Fourth Time Around (Album Version)

This guy's not bad - but no-one sings Dylan like Dylan (which perhaps isn't altogether a bad thing).

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