17 June 2010

Coaching for Conservation

The culmination of all Sarah's work so far in Botswana: she can be glimpsed behind Prince William when he's unsuccessfully trying to "parp" (Boris Johnson's preferred expression) the vuvuzela (to the Prince's right, in the distance, wearing light coloured trousers and orange tee-shirt).She saw the kid bringing the vuvuzela into the stadium, and thought about taking it from him: not only would that have destroyed a great photo opportunity, it would have created a very different one with Sarah wresling the horn from a small boy - not a good look.

She says any publicity is good publicity - though she didn't mean the photo op that didn't happen: I think that would refute the axiom - so here's the clip.

Who'd have thought she'd follow introducing rounders to the Maldives, and teaching them to swim, with football coaching in Botswana?

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