25 June 2010


If only I hadn't left my bike at the station on Wednesday evening (after a much-extended journey home because of the theft of that copper cable - see previous entry) I thought to myself as a lady rode
past me with a cheery "good morning". I'd managed to run about four miles from home into Didcot, making sure Ianded on the midfoot every pace, and there had been no complaints from my legs until I reached
the shady wooded section through the outskirts of the town where Dr Beeching so thoughtfully removed the anachronistic railway track enabling in due course a cycleway to be laid down instead.

In fact the cycleway leaves the route of the railway about here, climbing to a summit designed to facilitate access from an old railway bridge that still carries a road, then plunges down into the wooded cutting. The climb was OK because I reduced my pace to a walk, but the descent played havoc with my calves and Achilles tendons. I leant agaainst a lamppost to stretch them, but a few trial jogging paces told me it would not be wise to try more than a gentle walk, which is what I was doing when that lady cycled past.

I am however rather pleased with four miles at about nine minute mile pace. Serious Marathon training is due to start on Monday, so I have to hope that the prescription for that day - "4 miles gentle" - is within my reach.

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