08 June 2010

The beginning of the end

Last week, I finally accepted that it was time to surrender my book to the publishers. Given that this is the whole point of writing a book, it's strange that it should be so hard to do, but it is a big wrench - and of course as soon as it's gone you think of something else to add, or something to change. So actually there was a false start, but after a couple of second thoughts I told them it was final.

This, of course, is not the end. That will come in eight or nine months, when the work appears in print, and even then there will be an argument for saying that the end will really be when the royalty cheque arrives. (Or the bank transfer, I suppose, these days.) It is not even the beginning of the end, because I have had an author's questionnaire to complete and other bits of information to provide, and will have proofs to review and queries to answer. So in truth it is only the end of the beginning. But it's still good to have got here.

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