11 May 2010


A very satisfying run yesterday evening - after a very messy day indeed. I had an opportunity to introduce James - whom I have known for many years but with whom I have never run, as far as I can remember, other than in an INTA 5K race - to the attractions of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.
While I run across Hyde Park and on through Green Park and St James's Park often enough, it's a long time since I ran this route. It brought back many memories of lunchtime and evening runs with running mates with whom I haven't run now for ages - and it also provided me with encouragement, because I kept up a faster pace than I thought I could manage at my present level of fitness. I don't know what it was, because having failed to find a satellite at the start I didn't start the Watch.
But, in keeping with the message of the song - it just had to be the Stones, to mark a run with James - it's just the start. The start, perhaps, of a campaign to do a 3:30 Marathon in October? The 16-week training schedule is stuck to the wall in front of my eyes, though until late June all I have to is think about it.

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