22 April 2010

Dancing barefoot

I have become a fair weather runner over the winter. Even now, the Warrior in me is keeping a low profile. Back in January, I was determined to run every day and fired myself up with doses of Dean Karnazes audio book, but then the snow came and somewhere along the way I found I was getting old.

It helps that the weather now looks spring-like. The sky is clear (though there are vapour trails again, at last), the sun bright, and the wind cool enough to keep me comfortable. Especially at Boston's pace. Once we reach the Ridgeway I take my shoes and socks off and enjoy the feeling of springy new grass under my feet. It's not a perfect carpet, by any means, and once past the car park the surface is distinctly rough and stoney, but a mile or so barefoot makes a great change.

This is Exerciser-standard running, but I've had a second email from that Steve Cram today about completing my entry to the Kielder Marathon in October: once I pay my £33 I'll be committed to rediscovering my Warrior side over the coming months.

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