21 March 2010

Not to touch the earth

From the start, you're with a group of others finding the way together, staying in a group, no-one making the running, After a while, everyone starts to find their own pace - some are faster than others, some overstretch themselves and try to keep up with the front-runners, others drop off the back f the group. The race settles down with gaps opening up as differences in pace become apparent. many participants are no longer racing anyone, just trying to improve on their own performance, prove something to them selves, or even just keep going to the end. At the back, some runners might have lost touch altogether, Some might have started to walk. After a while the pace will tell on those who set off too fast: they cannot keep up with the leaders, although it seemed at first that they might. They pull up gasping for breath, or move aside and walk awhile.

The race does not last for ever, not for anyone. One or two might not make it to the end of the course, but for most, however they might have performed, when the finish line comes into sight there will be an exhilarating dash for the line.

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