24 March 2010

My friend the sun

It has turned out - early indications notwithstanding - to be a great
day for the first commute-by-bike of the year. Of the decade, indeed!
It's hauled me out of my lethargy: thank goodness something has.
Unfortunately I don't have time to run to the City at the other end of
the train journey - I narrowly missed a train and timings are
therefore very tight. As it happens I could comfortably have run from
home to station ...

21 March 2010

Not to touch the earth

From the start, you're with a group of others finding the way together, staying in a group, no-one making the running, After a while, everyone starts to find their own pace - some are faster than others, some overstretch themselves and try to keep up with the front-runners, others drop off the back f the group. The race settles down with gaps opening up as differences in pace become apparent. many participants are no longer racing anyone, just trying to improve on their own performance, prove something to them selves, or even just keep going to the end. At the back, some runners might have lost touch altogether, Some might have started to walk. After a while the pace will tell on those who set off too fast: they cannot keep up with the leaders, although it seemed at first that they might. They pull up gasping for breath, or move aside and walk awhile.

The race does not last for ever, not for anyone. One or two might not make it to the end of the course, but for most, however they might have performed, when the finish line comes into sight there will be an exhilarating dash for the line.

14 March 2010

Feeling All Right

My third Banbury 15 today, and possibly the slowest yet. I definitely felt the effects of age creeping up on me, and after a modest 2:08 or thereabouts I feel absolutely shattered. I cannot believe that only 10 months ago I ran a 4:20 Marathon then partied solidly (except for the early morning runs, which I didn't miss) for four days. It was rehydrating on beer that did it then ...

The weather was, for the first time this year, perfect as I drove up to Banbury. There was a cool breeze, but the sun shone most of the time and my wan complexion improved a little as a result. The wind wasn't enough to stop perspiration: I passed and repassed one competitor in hat, gloves, tights, jacket - a mystery how he kept going: he must have been boiling alive.

Not much more to say about it: I have already written everything that I can about this event. Well, not everything, but quite enough, including my first RW review last year. A nice race, marred by three small matters: several competitors ignoring the command not to run with earphones in (none of them got ni my way, but still, this is a busy and not traffic-free course), and marshalls doing nothing about it; runners failing to obey the instruction to keep to the left (as required by UKA rules, too), again marshals not doing much about it and two runners cutting me up quite badly owards the end as a result; and finally, a group contriving to run it as a relay, each doing about 2 or 3 miles, which is perfectly OK in itself but not when it introduces an unnecessary car into the mix, especially along some narrow lanes where there really isn't room to pass.

I guess that's another sign of getting old, and more grumpy ...

Garmin data here.

02 March 2010


I've just got to use this video - crazy. But the title is perfect for this evening's run, in the company of Nick who I haven't seen for several years: he was always a bit too fast for my comfort, and this evening we managed to keep up what felt like a terrific pace. At the end, my GPS watch only gave me 8:16 miles, with a fastest of 4:32 - I don't think I can run that fast at all, but I suppose it's not telling me that I necessarily did a whole mile at that pace, just a few yards. After all these days of foul weather puting me off running, and the attendant lethargy, it feels doubly trebly, good. I felt ass if the inactivity had left me like a coiled spring, ready to go this evenig. Great feeling!