18 February 2010

Shelter from the Storm

Lousy weather this morning, which made me feel even better running from Notting Hill Gate to the office. Not fast, but a steady, endurance-building pace with a brief chat with a guy at Hyde Park Corner training for the London Marathon and on his way to Run and Become to buy racing flats.

Nearly at my destination, a gaggle of foreign visitors was filling the pavement forcing me and another runner onto the road. As we reached the head of the gaggle, the leading three of them turned to step onto a zebra crossing: two looked and, seeing us bearing down on them, stepped back: the third looked the other way and stepped into my path. I knocked her flying - she landed on her back, on the pavement, thankfully uninjured - I helped her up and she apologised, explaining (as far as I could tell) that she was from Europe and had looked the wrong way for the traffic. How many times have I done that in countries that follow the Napoleonic rule of the road? So I sympathised - and didn't try to assure her that I too was from Europe - that might have been a bit too complicated.

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