02 January 2010

Repeat offender

I guess I should have had a rest day, at least a gentle recovery run but time wasn't on my side so I fitted in a quick session of what I planned to be 1K repeats. To give myself a decent three-mile run, though, I extended each one a little, to three-quarters of a mile, and did four rather than the prescribed 6 (or was it 5? It has to be an even number to get me home!). The first one started too fast, and I ran out of steam part-way to the turn: the second (downhill - and my Garmin suggested the elevation gain and loss was about 50m, which is clearly out by an order of magnitude, perhaps two) rather more effective; the third involved a break at the KM mark, but I then jogged on to complete the 3/4 mile; the fourth was much more relaxed all round. The time turned out to be remarkably consistent, all things considered. most important, of course, I have maintained my 100 per cent running rate, every day for the year (not hard, by 2 January, I admit that) - and I am also keeping up my resolution, unanounced until now, to blog every day too.

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