04 January 2010

Hazard Profile

A slow, slow run of only four miles - but it maintained my hundred per cent record. The reason for the snail-like pace was the ice that stayed, most unusually, all day long and made skates rather than running shoes the appropriate footwear. I kept to the road from the village, past the school, up towards the Ridgeway, and used only the three-quarters of a mile of it that has a decent tarmac surface - though that was only patchily on display this lunchtime.

A run before lunch was necessary because I wanted to give blood this afternoon - so after lunch I spent an hour or so in Didcot giving blood, or perhaps in Bloodclot giving did (in which case I should find a Dancing Did song to accompany it - but there isn't one on YouTube, so perhaps I should rectify that). So, not much to report today, but records still intact.

However, it is worth saying that I realised I could provide links from many of my race reports to photos by John Harvey - so I have been back through a few recent postings (Pud Run, Hanney, Thame, Headington) and added links: never underestimate the vanity of a 50-something man! I liked the Thame photo - the others didn't quite do me justice ...

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