06 January 2010

Don't Eat That Yellow Snow

Couldn't run until late yesterday because I had to allow a reasonable amount of time to pass after giving blood - about 24 hours, although more might be a good idea - but by the time I felt I could do it the weather had turned to snow and there were severe weather warnings out. A trip to Abingdon to run with the club seemed like a recipe for getting stuck in the car overnight ...

As it happened, I'd probably have been OK, but this morning there was about six inches of snow outside the back door which unfortunately is more than the depth of oil in the bottom of the tank for the boiler. Spent an hour or so shovelling the stuff away from the front of the house: it was lovely light airy snow, almost a pleasure to move - there are probably some yellow patches around now, though. By lunchtime there was a couple of inches on the cleared parts again, and as I type it is coming down steadily though not fast. No, on second thoughts, that does look pretty fast. I cannot remember when last I saw snow like this in this country - many years ago, probably at least 30 - and I am resigned to there being no opportunity to run today. I have looked on eBay for cross-country skis (a pair for collection from Manchester: out of the question as things are) and snowshoes (none). Probably more enforced rest days to come, too.

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