16 January 2010

You've Got to Pay

I spent a few minutes complting a questionnaire for Saga, who promised that I might won £500 for doing so. One question started with the words "Asides from ...", and another used the word "less" when it meant "fewer". Last month the survey (t seems to be a regular event) asked me whether I found it harder to find fashionable clothes than when I was middle aged: this from the company that is unable to arrange for the phone to be answered whenever I try to talk to them about my car insurace. I explained when once I did eventually get to speak to someone that I wouldn't be renewing my insurance with them, and he told me that a lot of callers said that.

I think I will forego the opportunity to win £500 in future. Since the survey offered no route for feedback, I will vent here and perhaps write them a letter later.

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