30 December 2009

Box of Rain

A foul morning, ideal for demonstrating to myself that I still have willpower to run and that deep down I am a Warrior! So I donned gloves, hat, waterproof jacket and shorts, hooked Boston up to his lead and set off with the rain stinging my frozen cheeks. At least the ice has gone and the air was warm enough to breathe, but once past the waste transfer station (onto the section of dirt road up and down which the dustcarts and skip lorries ply) it was a matter of leaping the puddles and trying not to sink into the mud where I landed. Boston, of course, thought it was great, and not having had a chance to investigate the smells on this route for many months he kept getting distracted from the main purpose of the trip.

At the corner after the waste transfer station, I stopped because there were trucks coming both ways and with a deaf dog to control staying put was the best plan. One of the trucks pulled up alongside us to let the one coming the other way go through. The passenger, a young man, athletic-looking and holding a bottle of sports drink, leaned out of the window and remarked that my legs must be cold. "Not while I'm moving - only when I'm waiting for the traffic!"

The rain and slight wind were bad enough but once I'd fed Foxy and climbed up to the Ridgeway I found we were in the clouds. It was thick enough that I worried about losing sight of my canine running companion, as there was a lot to distract him along there - especially when we reached the car park and he had to check the litter bins. I tried to stay behind him so I could give him a gentle push if he got too far off line, but it didn't really work and we took a long, long time to reach the turnoff back towards home. Part of the time was spent chatting to the only dogwalker out this morning, well wrapped up against the weather. Normally I would have to separate Boston from half-a-dozen other dogs along the way. By this point I had lost all sensation in my fingers and the waterproof capability of my jacket had been tried and found wanting. Well, it did come from eBay.

I slithered down the path towards the school, hitting tarmac at the bottom of the hill but still not being able to up my pace because Boston was still investigating the myriad smells. But speed didn't matter today - it was enough that I was out in these conditions, running, proving to myself that I still have it in me. One of my best runs ever.

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