16 December 2009

Black Night

Running in the dark can be miserable, and cold and damp make it worse - no surprise there. What has happened to the Warrior in me? Perhaps I found a little of him again yesterday.
The last few months seem to have consisted of one reversal after another: Achilles injury leading to an enforced break from running, glacially slow payments from clients leading to shortages of cash, and generally horrible weather. But now there is money coming in, work is picking up, I have a new publishing contract and yesterday evening I managed a medium-length club run.
Unfortunately my performance in the club chapionship has suffered during my lay-off - I hope I might salvage something on Sunday, when all I have to do is run a half Marathon.
Yeterday the flow was back: I didn't run fast but it felt as if it could have gone on for hours. And on a cold, damp December evening that is Warrior quality - perhaps.

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