09 July 2009

Southbound again

An easy mistake. I went to a meeting in Pall Mall: the wine flowed liberally: I left for Paddington, neglected to change at Baker Street and wound up looking for a southbound train at St John's Wood - my stamping ground of three years ago.

It was a good and fruitful meeting, but as I strolled to Green Park tube station afterwards a girl passed me running down the slope from Piccadilly and I realised how much I would have preferred to be doing the same. My sense of priorities has becomedistorted recently - money comes first.

What, I wonder, is the best course of action after arriving at Baker Street heading south and needing to reach Paddington? I guess the Bakerloo line, though it is more vulnerable to terrorist attack ...

And what is the right thing to say to the slob who places his empty drink can on a seat on the northbound platform? Tempting as alternatives are, nothing is best.

The train just pulled in, expiring before it got fully into the right zone. It has got going again now - I hope it makes it to Paddington!

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