19 June 2009

One of these Days

On Wednesday, I had to drag myself away from the office to come home. Not because I was enjoying myself so much, but because I dreaded the journey - as I have for years. But I donned my shorts and tee shirt, pulled on my running shoes and enjoyed the first leg of the journey as much as I have enjoyed any run. I didn't time it, just took it at a comfortable trot and caught the train with ease. I felt bon dans ma peau, as they say, almost as bon as when I was running daily a few weeks ago.

On Thursday, yesterday, I had a meeting with a client at 10 in London to thrash out a contract, so I took an early coach to London. By the time I arrived in town I had nearly two hours work under my belt. Then a two-hour meeting, after which I set up my office temporarily at table 1 in that client's restaurant where I had a pleasant lunch with an old friend whom I see too rarely and worked at the other things on my "to do" list. Then it was back on the coach to Oxford and more contract drafting. Well over five hours chargeable time: although I did arrive home feeling exhausted it was the sort of tiredness that comes at the end of a satisfying race.

So, what have these two days got in common? How can I consistently get from my work what I get from my running? If only I knew ... I am working on it, and my first step has been to start re-reading Murakami.

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