29 June 2009

Memory of a Free Festival

Not content (it seems) with my exertions the day before, today I ran both ways between Paddington and the office in blistering heat. Indeed, I even diverted on the morning run to Run and Become to invest in a White Rock headband, which proved invaluable on the return run in the evening.
The morning trip was further complicated by three phone calls in Hyde Park with a client who has conections with a participant in various musical events that took place there many years ago. Nothing like the event they are prepared for in Hyde Park today, for which a fence has been erected of which the Israeli government would be proud. It's almost a paradigm case of how intellectual property (in the broad sense of the expression) represents the triumph of private over public rights - only almost, because Hyde Park is a Royal Park, not public property, but if the Queen keeps on allowing private interests to interfere with her subjects' enjoyment of it I might be turning republican before long.
No fence keeps the music in, anyway, as Beniamino and I proved a couple of years ago, sitting in the park listening to Robyn Hitchcock (but not seeing him). A huge sign indicates that an aperture in the fence is for those enjoying corporate hospitality: various big businesses channeling money they don't really have into big music businesses, no doubt. Corporate hospitality is much better when it takes the form of a pizza followed by an evening in the 100 Club - at least, that's worked well for me. And in Hyde Park, you'd have to put up eith the noise coming from all the people who didn't really want to hear the music anyway: not to mention extremes of hot and cold, possible downpours and all the other delights of an English sumnmer evening.
So, I have done a couple of 10Ks today on top of yesterday's, and I must say a rest tommorrow (until I have to do five miles in the evening) will be welcome. It was too hot, really, to run today, and then too hot to work comfortably in the office. Out to buy elderflower cordial and coffee (from different suppliers) in the afternoon heat, I walked through Bunhill Fields, a very old burial ground in the City, about 100 yards from mthe office: and there, side by side, were Daniel Defoe and William Blake.

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