10 May 2009

Wait until tomorrow

A final long run before the Capital City Marathon next Sunday: I tried to keep the pce conservative, but as usual it didn't work for me and I ended up covering nearly 17 milesat almost exactly nine minutes a mile.  I'll have to wind that back a click or two next weekend, although I won't be on the sort of surfaces - rutted trails, grass, hard uneven earth - that I ran on today.  On the other hand, I will still be jet-lagged and probably not as well nourished as I might be.  And it will be very early in the morning.  I suppose I will just have to see how it feels on the day.

It was a perfect May morning, sunny enough to require sunglasses most of the time.  At  ten miles I paused to drink the sports drink I had carried with me, and to ingest (neither "eat" nor "drink" seems right) an energy gel, and that turned out to be perfectly timed, judging by how I felt when I reached home.  No trouble with knees (or any other joints, or part of my body), just a hugely enjoyable and flowing two-and-a-half hour run.  Birds sang, the countryside was fresh green, and the miles just rushed past.

It doesn't come better than that - but to get home in time to watch Jenson Button win his fourth race of the season was a bonus, followed by putting the finshing touches to the new pumpkin patch (having installed anti-rabbit fencing yesterday) and mowing part of the field and then the garden.  I think I deserve a bit of quality time at the computer now ...

John Mayer Trio - Wait Until Tomorrow "Live"

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