18 May 2009

INTA - Monday

Hard to credit it, but at 0700 I was out ready to run with Scott, Vicki, Santosh and the Collyer Bristow guys. I might have forgotten about others. Not only was I running - this was not a gentle recovery jog - but on the way back I kept pace with Dan, although it was clear that he wasn't trying as hard as me - and finished a long, long way ahead of the rest. 5.4 miles the morning after a Marathon: I cannot believe it.
My meetings should have started at 0830, but I ended up a little late and failed to connect with Wilfredo from Paraguay, though we caught up later. Then it was Vanessa from DM Kisch in South Africa, Paul Jones (talking about his article for the TMR), Colleen from New Zealand, Woon, Omer (a LinkedIn connection from Mexico), Russell, Marie, and Markus. The Daily News has run an article about the Marathon, with our group photo, although it is elided with a piece about Charles Gielen and a couple of others climbing Mount Rainier for charity after the conference. Still, priceless publicity, given how much they charge to get into the Daily News normally.

Then my Committee meeting, which finished early. I have put myself forward to write an article for the TMR ... Outside the convention centre afterwards I encountered a couple of photographers, who told me they were working for the INTA daily news. One proudly told me he had taken the pictures of Elle McPherson on the front page. "Would you like me to autograph them?" he asked, idicating the copy I was holding. "Would you like me to autographthis?" I asked him in return, holding it open at page 3.

Then the Ogilvy Renault reception, where I find myself with a delightful Australian lady called Mary, from Clayton Utz. I suddenly realise that I have to be at another meeting back in the convention centre - Mr Sheikh, from Pakistan, a charming and distinguished gentleman - and later when I see Mary she complains that I left her with someone terribly boring - I cannot remember who on earth it was, and it was not deliberate!

I missed another meeting, with people from Krishna & Saurastri in India - no sign of them at the meeting point - and then headed off, on foot, for the Meet the Bloggers reception at Graham & Dunn. That should probably be the subject of a posting of its own (though it is getting difficult to recall eveerything that needs to be included now, a couple of weeks later).

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