19 May 2009

INTA - Tuesday

Another day, another run - 5.4 miles again, with a group that included Matias and Diego, and to which I invited Dave whom I met on the street on my way to the Aquarium. A great INTA moment!
Then Luca for breakfast, and into my round of meetings though I missed the first one with Andreas (wonder where he got to? Perhaps I had failed to confirm.) Then Wilson from Brazil, after whcih I should have met Dilek but couldn't find her - she had the same experience, she tells me in an email a few days later, which suggests that we were expecting to meet in different places! Laura was next, then Wilfredo (rearranged from the day before), and finally (for the morning session) Slawomira (and Katerina)
I met the Kochanskis for lunch, which sadly turned out to be rather shorter than I'd have liked, because I had to get back to see Chetan Chadha at the Convention Centre. Leaving there to go to Perkins Coie's open house I bumped into Marek and Berenika, just as it started raining. Berenika insisted that she could not allow her hair to be ruined so we had to take a taxi to Perkins - a couple of blocks, which clearly did not amuse the (Sikh) taxi driver. Marek reunited me with the pullover I had left in his hire car after the marathon.

The Perkins party produced a large number of new contacts, and I succeeded in meeting Wing and Taiji there as we had arranged and had a short chat. It wasn't as well-attended as I thought it might have been, but everyone enjoyed the view from the 48th floor.

I had promised to look in on my new running friend Dave's firm's reception, wihc I did on the way to Graham & Dunn's party, to which in the end I travelled by taxi, to save a little time and get out of the rain that was now setting in. I'd intended to try to get to the listserv party a few blocks away, and also to see Patricia at G&D, but I'd also fixed to meet an old lawyer friend from Seattle at 6 o'clock at his office - I ended up getting a ride with becky and one of her Amazon colleagues and then running to Tad's office, which turned out to be rather hard to get into - until another person came out and I sneaked in. Then, however, I found the lifts wouldn't take people who didn't know a secret code, so I had to call him to let him know I wa in the lobby and not able to go anywhere else.

Tad and I went for a drink across the road, which turned into a meal as the rain started coming down in stairrods: and by the time it had passed, I was ready just to head back to the Pensione. After all, I had to run again in the morning.

There, another guest - the lady in the next room to mine, with a very nice slight Australian accent - asked me "Was that you outside my room this morning in the red shorts?" (Of course it was - on my way to breakfast, after the run.) "Made my day!" she added.

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