15 April 2009

Ça ira

A little sunshine makes all the difference. That, and a superb running day yesterday. After the Harwell Fun Run at lunchtime, I put in a seven mile plus club run in the evening in just over one hour. It was a multi-terrain route, and I felt particularly good at the top of a long and fairly steep climb on a woodland path up Boars Hill. I attacked it with gusto, sticking with one clubmate and leaving Dave and Jean-Luc behind. I didn't raise my heartrate above 180, as I had done at lunchtime with a very fast finish, but it just felt good to clock up the miles at a reasonable pace. Again I was able to put in a fast finish: I caught Jean-Luc with about 50 yards to go, although I thought I had seen the last of him a couple of miles earlier when he had much more in the tank than I did. I could hear him coming back at me, so I pushed, and when that didn't shake him off I lengthened my stride, upped the cadence and covered the last few yards like a 100m sprinter.
My only concern is that my left knee isn't happy. I strapped it up before heading to work this morning and hope it will soon pass. At least when I reached the station I was able to stand in weak but welcome sunshine and wait for the train.

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